The story behind our name

In African mythology, Osun is the deity of the river and fresh water. There are several mythsabout Osun, among them , that she is the saviour of humanity. Sun is also described as the protector of the poor, mother of all orphans and essence of love. She is associated with purity, fertility and prosperity. This ties in with our brand promise : to help leaders  build the sustainable business they envision. We believe taking the best possible decisions in the face of increasing volatility, complexity and uncertainty is tough but vital and have designed our offerings respond to this specific challenge.

Who we are

Osun is a boutique consulting firm working with leader to improve decision make, secure the future success of the organisations they lead and renew the relationship between business and society. As an independent firm whose only area of client engagement is corporate governance, we are specialists with in-depth expertise in field, and face no conflicts in providing competing services to our clients. 

Our values


Open, honest and ethical always. 


Deliver lasting solutions


Its better to do one thing really well.

Driven by our values of integrity, excellence and efficiency, our objective is to provide  first class services that generate value for all our stakeholders. Our clients benefit from rigorous analyses industry best practice, regulatory perspectives and academic research across legal , finance and management disciplines. We search for the simplest possible solutions o complex problems, and will not hide if no such solutions exist. For this reason we do not bid for  or undertake assignments on which we cannot deliver outcomes consistent with our quality standards.

Our Service Offerings

Corporate Reporting

While numerous reporting requirements, standards and guidelines exist, very few have operated across the breadth of the business and its external context. It is important for companies to think beyond reporting on a few rigid metrics, and tell a more comprehensive story which reflects the sustained value of the business. This can be a resource intensive exercise requiring specialised training and the capability to keep abreast of contemporary developments at both local and international level. Osun’s Corporate Reporting offering is designed to support businesses to tell their value creation stories in a clear concise manner.

Our offering is designed to facilitate holistic corporate reporting systems.


Combining financial data with environmental, social, governance, and other issues that inform strategy to assist businesses to tell their value creation stories in a clear concise manner.


Conducting systematic evaluations of corporate reporting systems and processes; implementation and adaptation of best practice. By bench-marking against industry norms, rigorous research and best practice, we are able to deliver on our promise to provide effective solutions.


Applying the King IV codes of Governance and other relevant frameworks to ensure the adoption of a sound governance framework and comprehensive assurance model.

Board Advisory

Business is the driving force of value creation. It does this in an increasingly volatile context, characterised by uncertainty, complexity and decreasing trust from broader society. It has become increasingly important for businesses to not only make, but be seen to be making a positive contribution to the society in which it operates. Through its Board Advisory offering, Osun partners with business leaders, providing them with the governance they need to take business decisions in an increasingly volatile, complex and uncertain world.

We help business leaders to hold a mirror up to themselves.


Facilitating the identification of matters of concern and highlighting areas of improvement in the leadership structure of a company. With improvement comes sustainability which is the key to ensuring optimal long-term value creation.


Reinforcing the fundamental knowledge base of directors and in turn, enhancing their competence and ability to discharge their duties. We are confident that our Board Development and Advisory team will add value to any company no matter the size.


Conducting audits of the governance structures in place for the board and board committees, including a review of constitution, policies and structure. We will advise you on best practice, while keeping your company culture and required outputs in mind.

Our Clients